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关键词 机械;加工工艺;夹具设计



  A specialized main specialized course that " mechanical manufacturing engineering is studied " is machinery , rely mainly on studying machining technology and jig to design technological discipline , have very strong practicality , require that should contact production practices closely in the learning process, at the same time it has comprehensive the very strong one,

  The subject of this graduation project is that CA6140 lathe ring flange processing technology rules and special-purpose jig of a certain process are designed, the main content is as follows:

  First of all, analyse , it is mainly analysis of the function of the part and craft analysis to the part , through part analyse can find out about basic situation of part, and craft analyse may know the processing surface of the part and is it require to process. The processing demand put forward according to the part picture, confirm the manufacture form of the blank and sureness of the size.

  The second step, carry on the choice the base , confirm thick datum and precise datum in the processing course. According to the datum chosen , make the craft route , usually make the craft route of more than two kinds, with analysing through the comparison of the craft scheme, and then choosing be able to make such specification requirements as the precision of geometry form , size of the part and precision of position ,etc. get a kind of process of the rational assurance s.

  The third step, according to the already selected process route, confirm for every steps of cutting consumption and basic man-hour , choose suitable lathe and cutter. To rough machining , will check the power of the lathe .

  Finally , design the third process - the jig getting into the hole of the ring flange. Put forward the question of designing first , and then choose to orient the datum , then the calculation that begins to cut strength , clamp strength and analysis of the localization error. Then put the design course in order as the drawing.

  Through the summary of the above, design and finish basically entirely.

Keywords: machine; Process the craft; The tongs design

目 录

序 言 1

1 零 件 的 分 析 2

1.1零件的作用 2

1.2 零件的工艺分析 2

2 工 艺 规 程 设 计 3

2.1确定毛坯的制造形式 3

2.2基面的选择 3

2.3制定工艺路线 3

2.4机械加工余量,工序尺寸及毛坯尺寸的确定 6

2.5确定切削用量及基本工时 8

3 夹具设计 30

3.1问题的提出 30

3.2夹具设计 30

参考文献 33

致 谢 34